• Vika Eksta

International Summer School of Photography 2019

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A photography event dedicated to educating and supporting emerging artists with a focus on exploring the possibility for photography to be used as a tool for social change.

The International Summer School of Photography has been providing an immersive educational experience for photographers deep in the Latvian countryside since 2006. An opportunity for burgeoning photographers to network, learn and hone their practice.

The event brings together tutors, lecturers and participants from over 30 countries around the world. As well as renowned photographers, ISSP brings together activists, writers, environmental scientists, visual anthropologists and more to provide a horizontal and diverse learning experience tailored to the theme of the event.

Iveta VaivodeImage—Iveta Vaivode

The theme for the 2019 event, running from 10-20 July, is Photography and the World. An exploration of the possibility for photography to be used as a tool for social change, specifically focusing on issues the world is facing today.

A program of six workshops including “The Camera as Political Apparatus”, “Astronauts vs. Poets: Utopia, Dystopia and Visual Ecology” and “Storytelling as a Tool for Social Change” is delivered by prominent photographers and visual artists from across the globe. Participants are navigated through the conception, research planning, ethical considerations, narrative forming, visual storytelling and the moral and ethical implications surrounding grant support from the oil industry for climate change related projects.

As well as the workshops, participants are offered portfolio reviews, talks and presentations culminating in an exhibition and publication produced on site

Image—Reinis Hofmanis

Here at Gobe we are firm believers in photography’s power as a tool for social change and strive to champion those artists who are employing this ideology in their practice. Organisations and events like the ISSP are incredibly important in aiding photographers and visual artists traverse the dynamic and treacherous landscapes between art and documentary/reportage photography.

Participation is open to countries from all over the world. Visa invitations and grant application support letters are offered to all successful applicants. There are fees for the course and various scholarships are offered to applicants from Latvia, Turkey and the Arab world. The ISSP offers guidance for all applicants with outside grants and financial support.

Applications for the 2019 International Summer School of Photography are open now and will close on April the 10th. Good luck!