• Gobe Radio 07 Vanessa Marian

Gobe Radio #7 — Curated by Vanessa Marian

Welcome to Gobe Radio #7, what we listened to this week, curated by us for you. Or in this case, curated by Vanessa Marian, for us, for you.

Vanessa is a dance teacher, creative therapist, social motivator, smile instigator

Vanessa is also an accidental gun photographer also shot this week’s Twelve Frames, and although she claims her strengths in the two disciplines is definitely the music curation, she nailed all Twelve Frames.

For her edition of Gobe Radio Vanessa has traversed across the African diaspora starting with RNB superstar Roman GianArthur on highway I-69. From here afro-pop Nigerian artist Simi continues purveying the smooth, handing over to Natureboy Flako, Black Motion and other groove instigators. The lords of desert blues, Bombino sound out the middle of the list and ensure the vibe is maintained.

It’s obvious Vanessa’s taste in music is finely-tuned to inducing you to dance, and her Gobe Radio will infectiously seep into your bones and get you moving.

Take a break from your editing while Lightroom exports that last job for the week, have a break between your hi-res scans. Definitely save this playlist for the next time you feel the need the for a dance break on-shoot, on the trail or where ever you feel some Groove Therapy is needed.

From Vanessa:

Ahhh here’s my area of expertise. Curating a fun playlist! Every song is born from either the continent of Africa or the African diaspora, where it be pop music from Nigeria, to South African house, a little hit of those North African Algerian tunes or African American music. Being a street dance dork goes hand-in-hand with being a tuuunes dork.

You can find the Gobe Radio channel on Spotify for all of your road-trip soundtracking needs.





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