SOLUTION 1 – Verify if minimum system requirement is met.
Gobe card readers support Windows VistaWindows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4, Windows 7.

NOTE:  No additional drivers need to be downloaded for the card readers as they are native to the above mentioned supported operating systems.

SOLUTION 2 – Verify the reader’s status under Device Manager.

STEP 1 – Connect the reader to the PC

NOTE:  It is recommended that you plug your card reader to the back USB port on your PC to ensure that there is enough power from the USB port for the card reader to be detected properly.

STEP 2 – Check under Device Manager
1. Right-click My Computer.
2. Select Manage.
3. On the left pane, click Device Manager.

NOTE:  The card reader will appear in two places:  Disk Drives and Universal Serial Bus controls as USB Mass Storage.  If there is a yellow exclamation point (!) or question mark (?) next to the device, try to refresh the drivers.

STEP 3 – Refresh the drivers
1. Right-click the entry with the error mark, select Uninstall.
2. On the top menu, click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes.

STEP 4 – Verify if the reader is detected
1. Double-click My Computer.
2. Look for the card reader under Devices with removable storage.

SOLUTION 3 – Try other USB ports.
A yellow exclamation point (!) under Device Manager usually means that the device is not receiving enough power. If the reader is not receiving ample amount of power from the USB port, it may not function properly.

SOLUTION 4 –  Change the drive letters