Attach your lens to the adapter, and then your adapter to your camera body. Put all settings on your lens and camera into manual mode, and select ‘shoot without lens’ in your camera settings.

Attach the lens to the female end of your lens adapter by aligning the red dots located at the rear of the lens with the one at the edge of the adapter ring. Screw in your lens until it clicks or is fastened securely and be sure not to over tighten. Then insert the male end of the adapter to the camera body, by aligning the red dots of your adapter ring and camera body and rotating the adapter until you hear a click – usually in a clockwise direction. Be sure to check everything is firmly attached before picking up the camera to start shooting.

Since all our adapters are fully manual, you need to change your camera settings to manual before you start shooting. This is because a lens adapter doesn’t enable electronic communication to pass from the lens to the camera. You need to manually set your exposure and focus. If your lens does not have a manual aperture control ring, it will stop down to its smallest f-stop by default.