Different colours have different effects so let your style and location guide you.

Yellow lens filters block yellow light and absorb blue light, giving a subtle enhancement to your images while maintaining a natural look. They’re often used for landscape photography and help enhance contrast and sharpness of subjects at an intermediate distance. A great option for scenes with large areas of blue sky.

Orange lens filters enhance the contrast between yellows and reds, which makes them great for creating darkened, moody skies. A great option for a telephoto lens for distance shots.

Red lens filters absorb blue and green light while also enhancing black and white contrast making it ideal for creating dramatic cloudscapes.

Green lens filters absorb red and blue light, which makes it ideal for portraits of people and trees because it helps correct skin tone.

Blue lens filters slightly darken reds and oranges while lightening blues and greens just a little. It is mostly used for light balancing and creative purposes. It reduces contrast and therefore is rarely used for black-and-white photography.

Grey lens filters reduce contrast by evening out the exposure difference between the highlights and shadows in your frame. Ideal for shooting the sky on overcast days to bring out the detail in the clouds.