Let the quality of your lens guide your choice. Or just go for the best – our ▲▲▲ professional range – if that’s your jive.

Gobe has three different ranges of filters: ▲ Entry-level, ▲▲ Mid-tier, and ▲▲▲ Professional. When deciding which range to purchase, the most important factor to consider is the lenses you’ll be using them on. Let the quality of your lens guide your decision because an entry-level lens filter on a professional lens may affect image quality. Our ▲▲▲ professional range is made with German SCHOTT optical glass – considered the best optical glass in the world.

If you are unsure which range is best for you, read our details range guide.

If you’re buying a filter for a telephoto lens (focal length >100mm), we recommend you use a ▲▲▲ professional CPL filter. The quality of the German Schott Glass will match the level of sharpness reached throughout the telephoto lens’ zoom range without affecting image quality.