Take it off! We’ll show you some handy hacks for removing it.

In the excitement of trying out your new lens filters, it’s possible to ‘cross thread’ the filter, or over tighten it. Similarly, if you leave a lens filter on for a long period of time, it can seize up and become harder to remove. We recommend you give your filters a bit of a loosen a couple of times a year. The first thing to remember is that you need to unscrew in an anti-clockwise ↺ direction.

Rubber gloves
Rubber gloves provide a much better grip than bare hands (and bear hands have even better grip again but come with other dangers). Washing up gloves are fine, and rubber workwear gloves from a hardware store are a great option too. Alternatively, even placing a rubber band around the rim of your lens filter can provide a better grip. If these solutions don’t work, you can search for some lens filter removal tools before you use Adam Savage’s bandsaw method, which we don’t recommend but do encourage you to watch for fun.